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ESN Switzerland warmly welcomes you to Zurich. We hope, well we are sure that you will enjoy your stay in Zurich and take many memorable experiences back home and spread the word about Zurich allover the world.

"Philosophy" of this guide

All members of ESN are voluntaries working not for money, but much rather for the spirit of internationality and cultural exchange. (Well, to be honest I have to mention the good parties as well.) ESN events are in general not perfectly organised and improvisation often plays an important role, but exactly this constitutes to the special and personal atmosphere of these events. The same also holds for this guide. We do not claim completeness, perfection or faultlessness. We want to share with you, what we like about Zurich and Switzerland. Exchange parties and ESN-events are a very good way to meet new, interesting people from all over the world but only focusing you would miss a lot of Zurich. Exchange also includes living and discovering independently. The guide should help with everyday problems but also give ideas to try new, exciting things.

(very short) History of Zurich

Remains show that already 4000 BC people settled at the side of lake Zurich. The Romans, who conquered eastern Helvetia, built up custom collection site and a fort afterwards on the spot where todays Zurich is. Doing so, they were able to control the trade on the river Limmat and the lake Zurich. They called their settlement Turicum. In the middle ages Zurich became larger and more important trading town. In 1336 the major Rudolf Brun started the revolution of the guilds that afterwards controlled the city. 1351 Zurich joined the “Bund der Eidgenossen”. In 1262 Zurich had gained the status of a “Reichsstadt” and had since then made it's own decisions. But only in 1648 it was realesed into full independence. In the beginning 16th century Ulrich Zwingli initiated the Reformation in Zurich. Under his leadership many of the old monasteries and churches were destroyed, changed their function or were devastated. The industrial revolution established Zurich as the economically most important city in switzerland.

About ESN Zürich

The erasmus student network ESN is one of the biggest interdisciplinary student associations in Europe. The section in Zürich was founded in 1994 and became an association under swiss law in 2010. Our goal is to make your stay concerning the social life an awesomne experience. We organize events (day trips, weekends and parties) so you can get to know Switzerland and Zürich. Also we provide help with to get in contact with local students see our mentoring programm. Additionally we keep in contact on local, national and international level with the universities and ESN boards such that exchanges in the future become easier and burocratic barriers can be removed.

Relevant information on COVID-19

You will find all the relevant and most up to date information regarding the situation in Switzerland on this page from the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH): FOPH New coronavirus

These are the current rules and recommendations from the Swiss health authorities: FOPH Rules and recommendations

Attending events under corona conditions: we have to take certain protection measures during all our events, please read carefully our event descriptions and terms before you sign up for an event! Please also inform yourself here if you are considered to be at especially high risk according to the FOPH.