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Pictures of the last events:
- Hiking Day Flims/Rheinschlucht
- Lucerne-Trip
- KuKu: Cabaret Voltaire Tour
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N/AZürich Zoo
N/ACity Rally
N/AInternational Dinner IMaike
N/ABasel City Trip
N/AIce Skating at DolderFlavia., Marko
N/ABaden City TourMarko
N/AMénage à Trois
N/ASkiday Melchsee-FruttMaud, Flavio, Clara, Miha
N/ABern City Trip and Parliament Tour
N/AWelcome Party
N/AFIFA World Football Museum TourArmanda, Manuel
N/AZürcher Fussball-DerbyFlavio, Iskender
N/AInternational Dinner IIMaike
N/ALuzern City Trip
N/AChocolate FactoryMarko
N/ARoman Ruins and Medieval Castle HabsburgMarko
N/AGeneva CERN Trip
N/AGeneva UNO Trip
N/AInternational Dinner III
N/ASt. Gallen City Tour
N/AAlpamare WaterparkManuel, Marko
N/ATitanique Lémanique + City Tour
N/ALake Gathering
N/AHiking Day FlimsFlavio, Clara, Armanda
Wed 21 Feb 16:45 Registration is open KuKu: Landesmuseum Visit Stefano, Margot
Fri 23 Feb 18:30 Registration is open Buddies Welcome Event Margot, Iskender
MARCH 2018
Sat 03 Mar 07:10 Registration is open Skiday Flumserberg Roberto, MTre, Lehni
Fri 23 Mar 22:00   Erasmus Welcome Party Stefano, Marko, Maike, Diana, harrier91
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