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- WelcomeDays: CityTour
- Visit of the Federal Parliament Building in Bern
- Rafting Trip
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N/AKuKu: Opernhaus TourMargot, Carmen M.
N/AKuKu: Kunsthaus ZürichAndre, Armanda
Sat 21 Oct 09:45 Registration is open Hike Near Zurich Christoph, Stefano
Sun 29 Oct 13:05   Paintball Patric, Lorrie, Joe
Thu 09 Nov 18:00 Registration is open KuKu: Cabaret Voltaire Tour Margot, Iskender
Sat 11 Nov 08:55 Registration is open Lucerne-Trip Nad, Chris, Bruna
Fri 17 Nov 19:00 Registration is open International Dinner Stefano, Maike, Kai, Emma, Carmen M., Alexia
Sat 18 Nov 09:40 Registration is open KuKu: Bern 1-Day-Trip Kika
Thu 07 Dec 22:00   Nachtseminar Party @ Plaza Fabi
Fri 08 Dec 15:00   KuKu: SRF Studio Zürich Tour Margot, Christoph
Fri 08 Dec 17:30   Skiweekend Davos Lehni, Roberto, Roman
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