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To make 'Rösti' properly is quite time consuming.

  • cook potatoes (about 125 g / person)
  • peel and grate the cooked potatoes
  • fry the grated potatos with a little bit of oil or butter in the frying pan. add salt and pepper. optionally you may add onions, ham, bacon, cheese.

Alternatively you can buy convenience food Rösti. This is basically cooked and grated potatoes. So you only need to fry it. They normally already include fat, therefore you don't need to add butter or oil.

'Rösti' is good in combination with 'Züri Gschnetzlets' or a fried egg.


Making Fondue is easy. You need:

  • Processed Fondue cheese (available in every grocery store)
  • A caquelon (alternatively a pan works as well
  • Fondue Forks (normal ones work as well)
  • garlic
  • pepper and nutmeg
  • white wine or tea and Kirsch (Swiss cherry schnapps)

Cut the garlic in halves and rub out the caquelon with it. Cautiously heat up the Fondue cheese. It should not cook. Use pepper/nutmeg to your taste. Of course it is possible to make your own Fondue mixture, but then it is much more complicated. There are many different processed Fondue mixtures available and cheese dairies often have their own mixtures.


Ingridients: Raclette cheese(available in all groceries), pickels, onions, potatos(cooked), bacon, sliced meat, sliced vegtables, paprika, raclette spices, spices in general

You need a table bbq, just look or ask for a raclette bbq in the shop. You can get for 50.- Fry the chees in the pans underneath it and the rest on top. Really good food to eat in company!