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Finding accomodation

Finding a place to stay in Zurich is not an easy task. We have some information that might be useful for you.

  • It's difficult finding a room in a flatshare looking from your homecountry. Most flatshares will want to get to know you in person. So you might consider visiting Zurich for a few days before you arrive to take a look at some flats.
  • Most international students manage to find a place within one or two weeks after arrival. So don't get scared. If you have many requirements for a room you might be looking for longer though.
  • Start looking early enough and try to have a lot of appointments to actually visit flats once you've arrived in Switzerland.
  • Expect a monthly rent between 500 and 700 CHF (not including additional costs like heating, internet and electricity).
  • The international office has some good connections, so if you ask them they might be able to organise you a room. Most probably you will be living with other exchange students exclusively, so for learning German that's not such a good idea.
  • The Housing Office of University / ETH Zurich offers a useful platform to help you find a flat. There you find a lot of helpful information. It offers a platform to search for accommodation.
  • JUWO offers flats for students and young people.
  • You can find flatshares through websites like, or Marktplatz UZH or For more links check Wohnen ETHZ.
  • Also some churches offer shared flats for accommodation in Zürich
  • Woko flats are probably the cheapest way to stay. Woko is a non-profit cooperative organisation, that rents out rooms to students. You need to be enrolled at a University or a University of applied siences (Fachhochschule) in Zurich. You can find some Woko flats on their homepage and on most other resources mentioned above.
  • Please be careful: There are also dubious accommodation offers. Never make a payment in advance without prior inspection (the only exception is with WOKO contracts).


In Zurich, recyclable rubbish is normally seperated. You get the collection schedule by mail or can find it in the Kreisbüro.

For general rubbish you have to buy special (Zürich-Säcke). You get them in every shop at the checkout counter.

Bank account

Having a Swiss bank account can be useful. You will have to pay less transaction fees and can withdraw money for free at the banks cash machines.

Most banks offer good deals for students. The following links show the student offers of some banks:

Not to forget:

  • Residence permit
  • Passport
  • Student card