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Finding accomodation

Finding a place to stay in Zurich is not an easy task. We have some information that might be useful for you.

  • It's difficult finding a room in a flatshare looking from your homecountry. Most flatshares will want to get to know you in person. Start looking early enough and try to have a lot of appointments to actually visit flats once you've arrived in Switzerland.

But don't despair!

  • Most international students manage to find a place within one or two weeks after arrival. So don't get scared. If you have many requirements for a room you might be looking for longer though.

How much? And where to look?

  • Expect a monthly rent between 500 and 800 CHF (not including additional costs like heating, internet and electricity).
  • Woko flats are probably the cheapest way to stay. Woko is a non-profit cooperative organisation, that rents out rooms to students. You need to be enrolled at a University or a University of applied siences (Fachhochschule) in Zurich. You can find some Woko flats on their homepage and on most other resources mentioned above.
  • Other possibilities:
  • The Housing Office of University / ETH Zurich to help you find a flat. There you find a lot of helpful information. It also offers a platform to search for accommodation.
  • JUWO offers flats for students and young people.
  • Also some churches offer accommodation in Zürich check here or here.
  • Pro Tip: When applying for a room, write a personal message not just a copy and paste, include why you think the room/shared flat fits for you and why you should be a good fit. They get a lot of messages and unpersonal messages will be deleted faster. Like when applying for a job.
  • Please be careful: There are also dubious accommodation offers. Never make a payment in advance without prior inspection (the only exception is with WOKO contracts).