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ASVZ is the university sports organisation. You can do almost any sport you can imagine. Most of the offers are for free, if you take special courses or go on trips you'll have to pay a reasonable price. Here you can check out what they offer.


On the following links you can find hiking tours:

Please be aware, that hiking can be very dangerous if you're inexperienced. Don't overestimate yourself!

Not to forget:

  • Proper hiking boots (or good sports shoes for easy routes)
  • Sun cream
  • Rain protection
  • Enough to drink


Public free baths

What could be more relaxing than swimming in the cool Limmat during a sunny day? Obere Letten, Untere Letten and Werdinsel are three rather well equipped and trendy public baths with no entry fee. They are a great place to relax and hang out during summer. Since the river is flowing out of the lake the water is generally quite warm. All baths feature changing rooms, showers and toilets; you should bring your own lock for the lockers though.

At the Obere Letten you can find volleyball fields, bars and an open-air cinema. So you can have a beer there after swimming. The river flows here a bit slower than in the 'Untere Letten'. It is also a bit a place for some people to put their well-tanned bodies on display... Here you can find the Obere Letten.

To visit the Untere Letten you should be a good swimmer. The stream is quite strong. It's not as trendy as the 'Obere Letten'. There are lawns and wooden piers, some shaded by big trees. There’s also a non-swimmer pool. Here you can find the Untere Letten. The stream is quite strong which makes swimming less fun, because you cannot really swim. But it's fun if you don't like to swim and just want to get down the river as fast as possible.

Thermal baths

Thermal baths are fun, especially if you can swim outside in winter. A list of Swiss thermal baths you can find here (only German).

Skiing, Snowboarding

Skiing is generally rather expensive: In a regular big or middle size resort, you'll have to spend from 55 to 90 CHF for a day card. For lunch in a restaurant, you should calculate around 25 CHF which consists of a main dish and a drink. In addition to that, you'll have to get the material.

Material: rent or buy

You can either rent or buy skis. If you're not using your skis regularly, renting your skis is advisable. By renting skis you don't have to worry about service (waxing, edge sharpening...).

There are several chains where you can rent your skis, like Intersport, Swissrent, Sportxx or Athleticum. The most convenient way is probably to rent your skis in the skiing area. You can make a reservation for your equipment on the provider's web sites some days before.

If you want to buy skiing (or any other sport) equipment, a good possibility is to go to the 'Sportartikelbörse'. It is a big outlet shop and you can find good stuff for little money. It is organised by ASVZ (the uni sport organisation) and normally takes place once a semester in the big sports hall at Irchel. You should find more information about that on the ASVZ Homepage.


SBB offers good deals on combined skiing and train tickets. You normally save 30% of the train tickets and the lift ticket is cheaper as well.

Specific resorts

The two closest ski resorts from Zürich are Flumserberg and Hoch-Ybrig.