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What is it?

The ESNcard is exclusively issued for exchange students by ESN International. The national and local levels offer different discounts with the card, such as cheaper excursions, parties, travel offers etc. It functions as a proof that the student is here on exchange and therefore ensures that the right people benefit from our offer.

Who can buy it?

Exchange students and international students who study at ETH Zurich, University of Zurich, ZHDK, PHZH or OST as well as local buddies and ESN members are entitled to buy an ESNcard.

Where can I get one?

Buy your ESNcard for CHF 10.00 at our ESN Office. Click here to see the current opening hours and location.

Where and how long is it valid?

Your ESNcard stays valid for one year as of purchase. If you buy yours in Zurich, it can only be used for events organized by ESN Zurich as well as national and international discounts.

What discounts are there internationally?

Find all international discounts on


ESN Zürich is not responsible for the national and international offers. The offers can change without further notice.