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Grocery stores in Switzerland are usually closed on Sundays, except the ones at the main train stations, the airport and also at the petrol stations. But it is actually cheaper and easier to do grocery shopping during the week and not on Sundays. Most of the shops in Zurich area are opened from 8am till 8pm.

Swiss grocery stores


It is pronounced ['migro]. Migros does not sell any alcohol! - special brand “Migros Budget” which is quite cheap. -Migros (only german, french, italian)


-does sell alcohol :)) - special brand “Prix garantie” which is quite cheap Coop -one hour before closing you can buy the things that are going to expire today 25% cheaper


- owned by Migros !!!sells alcohol!!! - cheaper than Migros and Coop Denner (only german, french, italian)

German grocery stores

German grocery stores are usually cheaper than the swiss ones. The best time to shop there is in the morning. In the morning they put 50% stickers on the things that are going to expire today, and also 10% stickers on the things that are going to expire tomorrow.



Shopping centres


Kalandarplatz 1, Kreis 2 link

At Sihlcity you can find a cinema, a shopping center, many delicious restaurants and also a club, which is called Papiersaal.

The best way to get to Shilcity Nord is by tram (5,13 or 17) or by train (S4) to Saalsporthalle Shilcity.


Neue Winterthurerstr. 99, Wallisellen link

Glattzentrum is a shopping center in Wallisellen, which is about 20 minutes from Zurich main station. The best way to get there is to take a train to Wallisellen and then a seven minutes walk.


Baslerstrasse 50- Kreis 9

Letzipark is a smaller shopping center next to the Letzstadion, which is still pretty close to Zurich main station. Usually Letzipark is not as crowed as Sihlcity or Glattzentrum, and you still manage to buy there everything you need. You can reach Letzipark with the bus 31.

Swiss Brands

Freitag store

Geroldstrasse 17 Kreis 5

Freitag is a Zurich brand, founded in 1994, that produces all kind of bags. From wallets through laptop skins to backpacks. The bags are made of recycled truck tarpaulins and hence are quite tough. This makes every bag unique. The Freitag shop in Zurich, located next to the Hardbrücke station, is built from old shipping containers stacked up to a tower of 30 meters height. Climbing it (it's free) gives you a nice view on industrial Zurich. link


Most affordable way to travel in Zürich is to get yourself a second hand bike. Bikes start around 200 - 250 CHF, but older bikes keep their value and can be sold again for a similar price. You find here more information.

2nd Hand


A second hand store is called Brockenhaus in german. You can buy all kinds of things: furniture, books, music, cloths and many more things:

Flohmärkte / Flea Markets

A flea market is called Flohmarkt and you can buy all kinds of things: furniture, books, music, cloths and many more things:

Ski Equiptment

  • AT ETH - in November only
  • has good prices for winter or outdoor equipment
  • Also in many places you can rent ski's and there are many Ski/snowboard markets in winter