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Don't miss Zurich's most famous sights, events and attractions. A good starting point you will find below, but we recommend also other websites like Zurich Tourism or Lonely Planet in order to discover the most of Zurich. The Zürich Card offers discounts at various museums and allows one to use public transport to get around the city.



Uetliberg, in the west of Zurich, is the highest (almost 900 m above sea level) of the hills surrounding Zurich. Hence from there you have not only the best view upon Zurich, but also a marvellous view on the Swiss alps. There are also several walking tracks and you can't really get lost. It shouldn't take more than an hour for the 450 height meters. There's also a train going up every half hour from Zürich HB (platform 22).


The legend says that Karl the Great has founded the Grossmünster at that place where the three city saints (Felix, Regula and Exuperantius) have laid there heads down after having been decapitated by the Romans. A statue of Karl the Great can be admired in the Krypta. In this Church Huldrych Zwingli initated the swiss-german reformation in the 16th century. During the iconoclasm Zwingli and his followers removed most of the nice decoration (even the organ) from the church. Still today the interior is very simplistic.

It is possible to climb the Grossmünster Tower for 2 CHF. From there you get an awesome view on Zurich's rooftops. Grossmünster (german only)


The Zoo of Zurich is located on Züriberg. You can experience 2200 specimens of 300 species. Especially worth seeing is the Masoala hall where a piece of the Madagascan rainforest is recreated and the Savannah park.


For general information about culture in Zurich (cinemas, theatres, concerts and museums) you can visit: züritipp.


There are a lot of different cinemas in Zurich

Opera & Ballet

Zurich's opera house is famous in Europe and has a beautiful baroque inside and only three tiers. As a student you benefit from strongly reduced prices, especially if you arrive 90 minutes before the concert starts. Then you can get any free seat for 20 CHF!

Tonhalle (concert hall)

The Tonhalle is considered acuostic wise as one of the best concert halls in the world. From Monday of the week before the concert you can get tickets for the best available seats for 20 CHF with your Legi (student ID). Tonhalle


In case your German is already sufficient and you want to spend a bit of cultural time you will find some theatres in Zurich. A good overview of the current plays offers the züritipp.

Schauspielhaus Zürich

The Schauspielhaus Zurich belongs to the most prominent and important theatres in the German-speaking world. It operates at two location: “Pfauen” (right next to the Kunst) offers more classical pieces whereas the “Schiffbau” (in the western part of Zurich) is more modern. Unsold tickets are sold for 20 CHF 10 min before the start of the show (only for students). Most plays have english subtitles, so it's worth for everyone to check out!

Other theatres


All about museums in Zurich


The Kunsthaus is considered one of the most important art museums in Switzerland. Its permanent exhibition displays top-class pieces from the 15th century to the present. You can visit the permanent collection for free on Wednesday and on Thusrsday evenings there are reduced prices with Legi (student ID).

Landesmuseum (Swiss national museeum)

Are you interested about the roots of the country you're living in? About how the Swiss managed to turn from mercenaries, farmers and guild's men, to a nation that could keep out of all major wars in Europe of the 20th century? Well in that case it is recommended to visit the Landesmuseum.

Botanical gardens (for free)

Cactus collection (for free)

Museum für Gestaltung



Street Parade

The Street Parade with about 1 million (!) participants is the biggest techno-party in the world. It takes place around the second week in August.


In the middle of April Zurich is huge, traditional gathering to celebrate the end of the winter at Sechseläuten . It's also a local holiday, so go check it out!


Every year in September the “Knabenschiessen” takes place at the Albisgütli. “Knaben” means boys and “schiessen” to shoot. It's called like that because only boys were allowed to participate in the beginning of this tradition 1889. Teenagers from 13 to 16 are allowed to compete (using the official assault rifle of the swiss army) and the winner is awarded the “Schützenkönig” (king of the shooters). Traditionally at the same time the biggest fair of the year is taking place. Enjoy sweets, a Swiss Bratwurst (sausage) and ride the rollercoaster.

National holiday: 1st of August

On the 1st of August the Swiss celebrate the anniversary of the foundation of the alliance between the cantons of Uri, Schwyz and Unterwalden. The document they signed, the so-called “Bundesbrief”, is considered to be the most important founding document of the Swiss federation. The celebrations include a lot of fireworks, bonfires, lantern parades and Swiss flags hanging everywhere.


One of the biggest events every three years in Zurich.