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Buddy System

Are you a student coming to Zurich for an exchange and looking for a local friend to help you with everyday life in Zurich? Or are you a local student in Zurich, want to change somebody's life and make friends from all around the whole world? Then sign up for our Buddy System!

Important Information

  • We match every exchange student with a local buddy manually by means of a matching system called Papaya, taking your preferences into consideration.
  • Make sure you sign up using an e-mail address that you check regularly or still have access to.
  • For mentors: you have to sign up again every semester if you want to get a new buddy regularly.

How to proceed:

  • Request a new account by clicking on use e-mail and password on Papaya.
  • We receive a registration request from you and will check it. If everything is okay, we accept it.
  • You receive an email with the password to log into Papaya.
  • Complete your profile, so that you become a user.
  • You are now able to subscribe to the Buddy System and will be matched with somebody accordingly.

If you have any problems signing up, contact us by e-mail: