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Buddy System aka Mentoring

At home or on exchange?

Are you a student coming to Zurich for an exchange? Are you looking for a local friend to help you with everyday life in Zurich? Sign up for our Buddy System to have a local go-to person!

Are you a local student in Zurich? Do you want to change somebody's life and make friends around the whole world? Join our Buddy System: become a friend of an exchange student and share your knowledge about Switzerland and Zurich in particular!

What are you waiting for? Don't miss out on this life-changing opportunity!

Important: Our Buddy System Welcome Event usually takes place on the first day of the Welcome Week: in spring semester 2020 it was on Monday, February 10th.

Please read carefully in order to get instructions on how to apply:

For mentors: you have to newly sign up every semester again!

Sign up latest two weeks before the beginning of the semester. If you apply later, we cannot guarantee you a buddy.

Make sure you sign up by using an e-mail address that you check regularly or still have access to (sometimes your Facebook account is linked to an old one of yours!).

We will match an exchange student with a local buddy manually by means of a matching system called Papaya. In doing so we try to take your preferences as effectively as possible in consideration.

For people to sign up without having a Facebook account, here are the steps to follow:

  • Jon requests a new account through the new procedure.
  • We receive a registration request from him and accept him.
  • Jon now receives an email with the password to log into Papaya without using Facebook.
  • Jon must now complete his profile, as he would do by logging in through Facebook.
  • After the profile completion, we now will see him in the user list.
  • Jon can now subscribe to the Buddy System on Papaya.
  • After the project subscription, we will see him in the matching list of that project and can proceed.

We strongly recommend people with a Facebook account to sign up through that one since it is easier for both of us. Papaya cannot share any information of your Facebook account so your data is safe. It just uses your name and simplifies the registration.

Sign up here:

If you have any problems signing up, contact us by e-mail: