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Ask for a buddy!

To improve the contact between local and exchange students and to help you during your stay in Zurich, we introduced a buddy system. A buddy is a local student, who helps you and two other exchange students upon arrival, shows you around in Zurich, answers your questions and helps you in case of trouble.

Are you interested in having a buddy? If yes, please sign up at least two weeks prior to the begin of the lectures. If you apply later, we cannot guarantee you a buddy..

Please be aware that buddies groups are assigned for a semester. If you do summerschool or an internship during holidays, please contact us ( and we will get in touch with you.

First Name
Last Name
Country of origin
University (in Zürich)
Sbuject (Studienfach in Zürich)
In which semester
do you need a mentor?
Arrival Date [dd mm yyyy]
Comments Tell us something about you like your year of birth, the city and university you are from, your interests and
hobbies, languages that you speak or want to learn or anything else, so we can match you with a suitable mentor.