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When Mon 20. May 2024 06:15 - 20:30 
Meeting place Zurich HB Meeting Point
A day full of cheese and chocolate in Gruyères 



Contact Person: Darnika

Ever wondered what Alien vs. Predator and the Gruyère cheese have in common? Then join us for a day trip to the beautiful village of Gruyères! It is known for its beautiful landscape, majestetic castle, and of course the region's world famous cheese, Gruyère! Funnily enough, HR Giger, the Swiss creator of the aliens in the Aliens vs. Predator liked this region JUST as much as you will and decided to display his art there when he was still alive. Now his gallery was converted to a museum, which is why Gruyères now not only has a medieval castle, but also aliens - weird, right? But enough with the random facts: Get to know an awesome part of Swiss culture as we will visit the cheese factory, have lunch at the beautiful castle and - if you want - even see the alien museum.

The best part of this trip, however, is yet to come, as we will head to the nearby village of Broc, home of the very underrated Maison Cailler (i.e. the Cailler chocolate factory) in the early afternoon and to answer your burning question: Yes, you'll eat A LOT of chocolate.


Meeting point: 6:15 a.m. at Zurich HB (Meeting Point)

We're going to be back in Zurich around 8:30 p.m.


We're going to arrive in Gruyères at 9:30 a.m. and will first learn how Gruyère cheese is made at the cheese factory, we will then continue to the castle of Gruyères and eat some cheese samples and have lunch.

In the afternoon we will proceed to the nearby chocolate factory of Cailler and enjoy an insight into the making of chocolate and with mandatory chocolate tasting ofc ;). We are also going to a chocolate workshop at Cailler where you will learn how to create your own chocolate works of art. At the end of the workshop, you will be able to take your very special creations home with you, along with some truly unforgettable memories. 


Please check the price comment to see what exactly is included in the tour!



Max. Participants22 -> Registration is necessary.
Entrance / Fee
without ESN card: CHF 58.00
with ESN card: CHF 48.00
Entrance / Fee Comment
Prices* With ESN card Without ESN Card
GA 33 CHF 43 CHF
Full 48 CHF 58 CHF

* If you are > 25 yrs. we will contact you regarding the exact costs as they can differ from the listed costs.


Included in the tour are all train tickets, the cheese factory visit, the chocolate factory visit and the chocolate workshop. Please be advides that if you wish to visit the Gruyères castle and/or the HR Giger museum, you'll have to do this at your own expenses. Needless to say, you'll have a few hours in Gruyères to spend on your own. :)


Coordinator(s) Dharneeka Jeyam - Daniel Reichmuth - Bianca Rechsteiner 

Please bring your own lunch if you prefer not to eat at a restaurant in Gruyères. There are no supermarkets in Gruyères as it's very tiny, a very small convenience store being the closest you'll find to a place to buy food.

Don't forget to bring enough water with you.

Registration Fri 29. March 2024 - Wed 19. June 2024
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