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When Fri 5. April 2024 08:50 - 20:00 
Meeting place Zürich HB (Blue Angel)
GTT of Switzerland [St. Gallen - Schaffhausen] 

Main contact: Send a mail to Joël (login to see the information)

Have you ever heard about the Grand Train Tour of Switzerland (GTT)? It's a collection of the most scenic train rides you can do with the public transport in Switzerland. Whether it is along beautiful lakes, through scenic valleys or through mystic forests; these routes got it all.

No worries, we're not gonna do everything in one day (We doubt that it is even possible). We're gona start slow(ish).

From Zürich, we will take the train to Pfäffikon along Lake Zürich. Arriving in Pfaffikon, we will board our first GTT train; the Voralpenexpress comming from Luzern. We will stay in this train till St. Gallen. In St. Gallen, we will have an early lunch break and dive a bit into the city including the Stiftsbezirk (an UNESCO world heritage) for a bit.

Having walked for a bit, we take the next train along Lake Constance and later along the Rhein until we arrive in Schaffhausen. We will have a stroll through the city, visit the Munot and might get a coffe if you're up to it. 

Not scenic enough yet? Well... From Schaffhausen, we will find our way (bus or by foot along the Rhein) to the Rheinfall, Europes most powerfull waterfall. To get home, we take the final GTT of that day back to Zürich. 

During this whole journey, you'll be holding on to your myGrandTrainTour Booklet. What's that? Well, it got a page for each of the GTT routes in Switzerland. You can get a stamp at the tourist offices of certain cities (check here or on the map). You can keep the booklet as a little souvenir and for your next GTT journeys. As you can see on the map below, there are far more routes to discover on your own. Each one bosts it's own charm. The one we're taking is rumored to show the more Maritime side of Switzerland.

Looking forward to a fun day with you :)


Max. Participants22 -> Registration is necessary.
Entrance / Fee
without ESN card: CHF 15.00
with ESN card: CHF 11.00
Entrance / Fee Comment
  • The Price contains all public transport (i.e. trains and buses which we will use during the day) + the GTT booklet (it's free anyways)
  • If you have a Full Fare/GA you can join for free. But we kindly request that you send us a mail after you registered, s.t. we can fix your reservation.
  • There are no reductions for half fare, Seven25, GA Night, Interrail,...
  • Due to restrictions, there are only limited amounts of tickets (2) for people older than 25 years (i.e. born on or before 05th of April 1999).
    • Full Fare/GA/Day Pass owner are exempted from this rule
    • We will notify you if we are not able to sell you a ticket.
Coordinator(s) Joël Lingg - Irina Stroescu - Annamalai Lakshmanan 
  • We recommend that you bring some snacks and a picnic lunch with you. Also enough to drink.
  • If you want, you can also bring some small games to play in the train.
  • For any further questions, don't hesitate to reach out. Log in to see the organizers contact details :)
  • We might have some photo challenges with chocolates as rewards.
Registration Mon 18. March 2024 - Thu 4. April 2024
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