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When Fri 22. March 2024 16:00 - 17:00 
Meeting place Strandbad Tiefenbrunnen
Address: Bellerivestrasse 200, 8008 Zürich
Winter Swimming 



Dive into the weekend with a refreshing swim at Strandbad Tiefenbrunnen on Lake Zurich! Arrive in your swimsuits for an outdoor adventure, and feel the thrill of the cold water energize you. Afterward, soak up the lakeside serenity and recharge for the weekend ahead.

We'll meet inside the Strandbad Tiefenbrunnen facilities near the Zürichsee Kreisel (Big round observation platform in the lake).

Safety is our priority with shallow waters and accessible stairs for all. Bring warm clothes for a cozy post-swim change. Join us for an unforgettable start to your weekend, filled with joy and rejuvenation!

Max. Participantsno limit -> Registration is not necessary.
Entrance / Fee
without ESN card: CHF 0.00
with ESN card: CHF 0.00
Coordinator(s) Lars Hauptmann - Dharneeka Jeyam - Phyllis Gerwig 
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