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When Sat 11. November 2023 07:00 - 23:55 
Meeting place Zurich HB (main station)
Swiss Train Rally (People 25+) 

Hey there,

Unfortunately, we only get dicounted tickets for participants under 25 years. However, the ticket also allows us to make a few exceptions. This event, therefore, serves to sell those spots and gives people excluded from the other event the option to participate as well. If you would like to join a specific group, send us an e-mail.

In a couple of days we will know more exactly, how many people 25+ years old we can take. We will then unlock more participants. Hence, you can already sign up for the waiting list and mention in your comments which group you would like to join. 


If you have a GA or want to buy a ticket for yourself (SBB daypass), please sign up with one of the other groups.


Please see for info.


For any questions or requests please contact

Max. Participants10 -> Registration is necessary.
Entrance / Fee
without ESN card: CHF 15.00
with ESN card: CHF 11.00
Entrance / Fee Comment

The price includes the train ticket as well as free early entrance to the party.

If you have a GA/full fare you can join for free. However, please email us directly after your registration so we can finalize your registration. Otherwise, the system will cancel your reservation after the payment deadline.

Owning a “Halbtax” or “GA Night” does not offer any additional discount.

Coordinator(s) Lars Hauptmann 

Bring some snacks with you :)

Also, note that the meeting time might be a bit flexible, i.e. we won't be meeting all at 7. Similarly, the end time is not yet fixed. Chances are that we will be back in Zürich before 23:55. There will be the option to skip the party and be back in Zürich around 8pm. If you have a GA you can of course also travel back independently.

By signip up you automatically accept that your personal information will be shared with the Organizing Committee of the Train Rallye 2022, and kept for 14 days. Please state in the comments if you refuse that. 

Also, please write the name, relationship to you, and number of an emergency in the comment section.

Registration Tue 31. October 2023 - Tue 7. November 2023
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