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When Sun 19. November 2023 14:45 - 16:30 
Meeting place Zurich Airport
Address: see below for exact address
Swissport - follow the luggage (Airport Zurich) 

Have you ever wondered what happens to your luggage after you drop it off at the airport? Join us on this unique tour that offers a behind the scene insight at ground services. Accompanied by an experienced tour guide, we will follow the path that the luggage takes, from the sorting system all the way to the aircraft.

After passing through the security check, the tour starts at the luggage sorting system. We can witness the handling of luggage from all over the world. At an impressive speed on over 12 km of conveyor belt, the items are sorted automatically according to a barcode on the luggage tag and loaded into containers by Swissport employees. Our tour guides explain the luggage transportation process from the moment the items arrive in the sorting area all the way to the aircraft. We will witness the weighing of the containers, the printing of the required documents and the preparation of the containers for further transportation.

Next stop is a visit to the A-Gates to witness the teamwork of the loading staff, the transport drivers and the co-ordinators servicing a short haul aircraft. To ensure an efficient service, a range of ground support equipment such as conveyor belts or hydraulic ramps are used. The tour guide explains the safety aspects that Swissport employees must be aware of during handling and describes the interaction between Swissport, the airline and other ground services. As soon as the aircraft is ready to depart, a pushback truck moves the aircraft from the stand, as the aircraft is not capable of driving backwards. It may be possible to witness this first hand.

To conclude the tour, participants walk through the Arrivals luggage halls whilst the tour guide provides interesting details about the incoming luggage.

The tour lasts 90 minutes.
Disclaimer: we have a BLACKLIST. Please make sure to deregister at least 72h in advance if you can't make it to the event (in case of emergencies you can contact Rahel). Otherwise you will be barred from events for the next two weeks, and removed from any events you were registered for during that period. Thank you!