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When Fri 17. November 2023 14:45 - 16:30 
Meeting place In front of the Opera
Address: Sechseläutenplatz 1, 8008 Zürich
Opera Tour - Behind the Scenes 

Disclaimer: we have introduced a BLACKLIST. Please make sure to deregister 72h in advance if you can't make it to the event, so that another student can join instead (in case of emergencies, you can contact me at
An unannounced no-show will mean that you'll be barred from events for the next two weeks, and removed from any events you were registered for during that period. So please only register if you plan to come - thank you!

The famous Opera of Zürich invites us for a free guided tour in English behind the scenes. We will see the costume area, the massive sceneries, the technology and the main hall with the stage, all the props and decorations. 

We will be meeting at 14:45 in front of the opera. Please don't be late as we must all go in together at the same time.

Lawo: Awards für Home und Oper Zürich -

In the day we are going, at 7PM, there is a performance of "Macbeth". So, we will have a peak when they are setting up. The opera is going to be performed in Italian, but with subtitles in German and English.

Normally, tickets are quite expensive and they are not included in the event. However, you can try to use last-minute offers for students:

- usual last-minute tickets for students (at the counter 90 min before the performance, CHF 20)

- Join Club Jung (registration fee CHF 20 once, valid until you become 27) and get better last-minute tickets (from 1pm the same day, CHF 15)

- Book via Kulturstelle, the culture association by ETH and UZH (25/30 CHF) (if they have it in their offer)

You can reach me at +40723520715 (on Whatsapp).

See you there!

Max. Participants14 -> Registration is necessary.
Entrance / Fee
without ESN card: CHF 0.00
with ESN card: CHF 0.00
Coordinator(s) Irina Stroescu 
Registration Wed 1. November 2023 - Sun 12. November 2023
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