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When Thu 28. September 2023 20:30 - 23:55 
Meeting place ETH Hönggerberg
ESF (ETH Party) Tickets discount and pre-drinks 

ESF is the semester start party on ETH Hönggerberg and the biggest student party in Zürich

All info can be found on
Check out the 2019 after movie

The party is organized by VSETH. The prices are defined by them, check the link - tickets. Free shuttle bus to different locations, check out their homepage.
Campus parties are starting early, so we will go in around 9pm you need to be there at 8.45pm to get your tickets. You will be provided with a Telegram group for any questions or finding the group.

We are solely providing you with an awesome event to meet up, enjoy pre-drinks, party together with the best international group and offer you some discounts on the tickets ;)

The group will not stick together all night, you can also join friends or invite them for the pre-drinks (bring your own drinks in case)

For ETH students the tickets are cheaper still we will offer you some discount
For UZH students the tickets are unfortunately "a bit" more expensive, but we want to support you and offer you 6.- discount :) 

All Tickets include also a 5.- drink voucher for the party.
If the event is full you may still get your own tickets and come to the pre-drinks but provide your own drinks.


ETH first-semester students (Legi-Number that starts with 23-) should get their tickets directly on the ESF Homepage and pay only 10.-
ETH Students CHF 14.-- (valid ETH student card + ESNcard need to be provided at event) (bachelor or master, original 17.--) 
UZH Students or anyone else  CHF 29.--  (you need a valid ESNcard for this price) (original amount is 35.-)

Valid and filled ESNCard needs to be shown at the event

It's your own responsibility to pay the right amount.

Max. Participants8 -> Registration is necessary.
Entrance / Fee
without ESN card: CHF 35.00
with ESN card: CHF 29.00
Entrance / Fee Comment

You have to pay for all our events directly at registration with your credit card.

Price with ESNcard
ETH  14.--
Others  29.--

Without ESNcard
ETH 17.--
Others 35.--

Coordinator(s) Yves Amberg 
Registration Fri 15. September 2023 - Tue 19. September 2023
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