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When Sun 21. May 2023 
Meeting place Zurich HB
CANCELLED Full day of adventure in Grindelwald 

Join us for a day full of fun activities in the Swiss Alps. We will first take the Gondola up to First in the Jungfrau Region and will go on the elevated walk way which is perched to the mountain. It is an unique metal walk way with a single rope hanging bridge. On the attached platform you will have a fantastic view of the alpine landscape and a thrilling experience along the walk.

After the nerv wracking experience you have the chance to either hop on the First Glider or First Flyer (depends on the queue). Being on the First Flieger is easy, freedom is limitless and the pace is high. Perfectly secured in the stable harness, up to four persons whiz along the 800 metre long steel cable from First to Schreckfeld at a top speed of 84 kilometres per hour. Same on the First Glider but you will fly like an eagle.

After some fun and lunch up in the mountains we will go on First Trottibike (swiss scooteers) to speed downhill. 

If you are ready for a fun day in the most Swiss scenery possible, the event is perfect for you!



Important information:

- train ticket to Grindelwald is included

-please check the different prices and pay the right amount according to your SBB ticket

-be aware that due to many guests in Grindelwald the activities could slighty change on the day

-please bring your own lunch 


Meeting time: 6:45 at meeting point Zurich HB

Back in Zurich: we won't be back before 19:00/20:00 (exact time will be announced later)


Max. Participants20 -> Registration is necessary.
Entrance / Fee
without ESN card: CHF 100.00
with ESN card: CHF 70.00
Entrance / Fee Comment
  esn card  no esn card
regular 80.00 100.00
Half Fare 75.00 82.00
GA 62.00 67.00


Please state in the comments if you have a GA or Half Fare ticket.

Coordinator(s) Lena Grimm - Leandro Kyburz 
Registration Wed 10. May 2023 - Wed 17. May 2023
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