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When Sat 11. November 2023 07:00 - 23:55 
Meeting place Zurich HB (in front of Migros Shopvillemärt)
Swiss Train Rally (Group 6) 

Have you ever felt like doing something but didn't quite know what to do? Have you already crossed all the beautiful sites you wanted to visit in Switzerland from your bucket list? Don't worry, we got you covered. This event will bring you to 3 to 4 different cities in Switzerland, so chances are you'll find some new cool gems all over the country.

But which cities are we going to visit? Well, that's the catch: You won't know it. To be honest, we won't even know until the very few days before the event either. It will be a surprise for all of us. We'll divide all participants into different teams and each team will experience a somewhat different day. There will be some challenges throughout the day for us to solve on our journey.

But we haven't told you the best yet: This is a national event, which means that we will be meeting other teams from other ESN sections. We might even have the chance to do some fun challenges against other ESN sections.

To further strengthen the bounds to the other sections and celebrate with the people you met during the day, ESN organized a party in the final city. You'll have free entry and there will be cheap drinks.

For any questions or requests please contact


Max. Participants16 -> Registration is necessary.
Entrance / Fee
without ESN card: CHF 15.00
with ESN card: CHF 11.00
Entrance / Fee Comment

The price includes the train ticket as well as free early entrance to the party.

If you have a GA/full fare you can join for free. However, please email us directly after your registration so we can finalize your registration. Otherwise, the system will cancel your reservation after the payment deadline.

Owning a “Halbtax” or “GA Night” does not offer any additional discount.

Paid tickets are only available for people younger than 25. I.e. you must be born after the 11.11.1998.
If you're older and still wish to participate you can do so by organising and buying a day ticket by yourself (e.g. a 
Saver Day PassDay Passes offered by communities, GA or other offers).  Note that it needs to be valid for all public transport in Switzerland as covered by the GA on the date of the event. Of course, if you choose this option, you don't need to pay on our website, but we still need you to register. Just write us an Email afterwards so we can finalize your booking. If you have trouble, let us know. 
Alternatively, we will sell a very limited amount of tickets to people older than 25 on a separate registration page which will open up closer to the event (we will publish it). Spots will be VERY limited and it will be first come first serve.

Coordinator(s) Zehra Turgut - Maï Ly Leclair 

Welcome to group 6

Hope you are ready for this amazing and funny day we will spend all together!!! 

Before diving into the fun here are some important information to know: 

 • Meeting time/point: 7:00am / In front of Migros Shopvillemärt at Zurich HB.

 • Destination: 4 places in Switzerland (no clue which one it will be a surprise) 

 • Weather forecast: cold and rainy (bring warm clothes, rain jacket, umbrella and more)

 • please don't forget to bring your ESN Card with you. There will be a quick check on Sat. morning before we get on the first train

 • Bring food and a water bottle. Of course there will be supermarkets and fountains on the way) 

 • Bring a fully charged phone, a phone charger and a power-bank 

 • Chances are that we will be back in Zürich before 23:55 (or later that depends to you). There will be the option to skip the party and be back in Zürich around 8pm. If you have a GA you can of course also travel back independently.

Looking forward to share this adventure with all of you!  
You can of course contact us if you need anything or if you are lost during the rally (which should not happen but we never know ????


Registration Tue 31. October 2023 - Fri 10. November 2023
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