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When Mon 27. February 2023 01:55 - 11:00 
Meeting place Zürich HB Platform 14
Basler Fasnacht 

The Basler Fasnacht is the biggest carnival in Switzerland and part of UNESCO world heritage. At 4 a.m., the lights go off, the music starts and the festival begins. This year, you can come and experience this festival with us. We will be there for its beginning, we will see the carnival procession and bring along some waffles to eat for breakfast. (More information on Basler Fasnacht here: Basler Fasnacht [2023] | Daten, Programm & Geschichte |

Because of the timing, we will have to wake up early: the train leaves at 02:05 from Zürich HB, Platform 14, and we expect you to be there by 01:55 - 02:00 a.m. We will be using group travel tickets.


To write in the comments: 

  • Let us know if you have a GA, a Halbtax or a Seven25. If you have a GA, the price will be cheaper (2 CHF instead of 17), since we won't have to get you a train ticket.
  • If you want to stay in Basel all day (there's a cortège at 13:30 and throughout the afternoon) instead of coming back with us, you can also do that. However, you will have to buy your own ticket for the way back. It's also helpful if you let us know, because depending on whether you have a GA, Halbtax or a Seven25, there may be different train ticket options that would be better for you, and which would affect how much you have to pay ESN. We can help you there individually. For those who want to come back with us, and who don't have a GA, the price is as below!
  • Let us know your phone number & what you have (WhatsApp/Telegram/both) so we can make a group chat & communicate more easily.


To bring on the day:

  • food/snacks & drink for yourself (we will be in Basel until around 10:00, unless we decide to leave earlier)
  • any special toppings you'd like for the waffles (we're planning on bringing Nutella, perhaps powder sugar or honey).


We look forward to visiting Basel with you!

You can always contact us at or

Also: please remember to deregister up to 1-2 days before if you can't make it. We have introduced a blacklist, meaning that unannounced no-shows will lead to a two-week ban from other ESN events!

Max. Participants18 -> Registration is necessary.
Entrance / Fee
without ESN card: CHF 17.00
with ESN card: CHF 15.00
Entrance / Fee Comment

If you have a Switzerland GA, the price goes down to 2 CHF - please let us know this in the comments, as well as whether you have a Halbtax or Seven25!

Coordinator(s) Laetitia Lehmann - Anna-Vera Oppliger 
Registration Mon 20. February 2023 - Sun 26. February 2023
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