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When Sat 22. October 2022 15:45 - 17:30 
Meeting place Räffelstrasse 11, 8045 Zürich
Escape Room 

Dear exchange students,

We plan to take you to "Live Escape Game" ( to try one among the 5 different games offered in Live Escape Game Zurich and you will have the option to choose which escape room you would like to play : )

Where is the first clue? 1 million Swiss Francs were stolen in a bank robbery, an earthquake happened in London. The only thing we see is a king on a chess board. To improve our account balance, we have to accept not fully legal, but lucrative, assignments. We have to break into an old garage, deactivate the outdated security system and steal a car. Sounds simple, right? Join us for those awesome escape games, help solve some mysteries and escape the room on time!

We will meet at 15:45 and then split into smaller groups to solve all five mysteries simultaneously. While registering for this event, please indicate in the comments section your first and second priority. We will try to assign you to your first priority but first come, first serve!

See you there soon!

Game options:
A) The 1 Million Case (difficulty: 9/10)
B) Prison (difficulty: 8/10)
C) Ravens of London (difficulty: 8/10)
D) Steps (difficulty: 6/10)
E) The Hunt (difficulty: 8/10)                 

More details can be found on Live Escape Game ( 


Max. Participants27 -> Registration is necessary.
Entrance / Fee
without ESN card: CHF 25.00
with ESN card: CHF 22.00
Coordinator(s) Zehra Turgut - Rahel Herzog 

Contact person for the event: Zehra


Address: Räffelstrasse 11, 8045 Zürich

  • Please be there at 15:45 (or at 15:50 at the latest) for the grouping, ESN card checks and for the game instructions so that we can start on time. Have your student ID with you for the event staff to check because they applied a student discount to the fee you will pay for this event.
  • This event is specifically for exchange students and secondly for other international students who started their first semester in fall 22 at a university in Zurich. So, you should register only if you are an exchange student or an international student in your first semester in Zurich.
  • COVID warning: If you feel unwell or have symptoms of COVID-19, please do not attend. 
Registration Fri 30. September 2022 - Tue 18. October 2022
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