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When Sun 24. July 2022 06:55 - 20:05 
Meeting place Zürich HB
Swiss folk festival on the Meglisalp 

Have you ever been on a Swiss alp or visited a traditional Swiss folk festival? This is your chance to do both!

On the 24th of July there is a «Apl Stobete» on the «Meglisalp» in the «Alpstein».

At a «Alp Stobete» the alp farmers from the alpine region, regular farmers and hikers gater. The alp farmers usually dress up in their traditional costumes. Usually there is traditional music (Some examples are jodelaccordion or hackbrett) and some people dancing to it.

We will hike to the «Meglisalp». The hike takes about two and a half hours. On the way to the «Meglisalp» we pass some other alps where you can buy cheese they made there. On our way back we will come by the «Seealpsee». This is a mountain lake, where we will take a break. You can also go swimming or rent a rowing boat. 

For lunch you can bring your own food or you can get someting at the «Meglisalp». 

It is important that you have good shoes for the hike. Preferabely you have hiking boots. If not make sure that your shoes have a good sole. If you are unsure whether your shoes are suitable don't hesitate to contact me!

This is the «Meglisalp»:
Sennendorf Meglisalp ???????? BILDER & FOTOS ???????? Bergwandern im Alpstein


This is the «Seealpsee»:
Seealpsee − Anreise Voralpen-Express − SOB


This is what a tratitional costume from Appenzell looks like:


Max. Participants11 -> Registration is necessary.
Entrance / Fee
without ESN card: CHF 15.00
with ESN card: CHF 12.00
Entrance / Fee Comment

The price includes only transportation. Meals are not included.

Please wirite a comment if you are 25 or older on the 24.07.2022. If you are 25 or older the offer we use does not necessarily apply to you. We will try to find a cheap day pass of SBB (approx. CHF 50) for you. We will tell you the exact price you have to pay about a week before the event. At the moment please pay 15 CHF or 12 CHF accordig to whether you have an ESNcard or not.

In case you have a GA, please also write a comment. You won't have to pay anything. 

Coordinator(s) Bianca Rechsteiner 
Registration Tue 7. June 2022 - Sun 17. July 2022
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