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When Fri 25. February 2022 18:00 - 21:30 
Meeting place RAA-E-08
Address: Rämistrasse 59 8001 Zürich
Jass and Game night 

Have you ever heard about Jass, the national card game of Switzerland? It is a strategic game with a lot of subtleties. Its most common variant is with four players that play in two teams aganist each other. 

Now is your chance to learn it! At the Jass and Game night, there will be jass coaches to teach you the game, or if you are already familiar with the rules, they can teach you some strategies. 

Also people who like playing games they already know are welcome. There will be some classic board and card games such as Uno, Monopoly and Siedler von Catan.

If you want to learn Jass please let us know your Jass level in the remarks, that we can estimate how many coaches we need.

Max. Participants20 -> Registration is necessary.
Entrance / Fee
without ESN card: CHF 5.00
with ESN card: CHF 4.00
Entrance / Fee Comment

In the price included are:



Remark for the payment:

It has been pointed out to me that the least amout you can pay on the website is 5 CHF. Since the price for the event is 4 CHF with the ESN Card this is a problem.

My solution for the problem is, that you now pay 5 CHF wether you have a ESN card or not. When you show your ESN card at the event you will get 1 CHF back.

I hope this woks for everyone and I apologize for any inconveniences.

Coordinator(s) Bianca Rechsteiner 
Registration Mon 21. February 2022 - Sat 26. February 2022
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