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When Sat 13. November 2021 06:10 - 20:00 
Meeting place Under the big clock (Gruppentreffpunkt)
Address: Zürich main station
Discover Romandie: LAVAUX & Chocolate Factory 

Are you ready for a full-on Swiss experience?

Then hop on board the train and come to Romandie with us.

Our journey will take you from Zürich to Fribourg, where we will do a little sight-seeing tour and taste some specialities from Fribourg.
As you all know, Switzerland is famous for its delicious chocolate. As an exchange student you definitely cannot go home without having visited at least one chocolate factory ;) Therefore, the Maison Cailler will be our next stop. After visiting the chocolate factory, we have time to eat lunch (which you have to bring yourself). By the time we are taking the panorama train from Broc (Chocolate factory) to Montreux ( hopefully all of you will have forgotten about the lack of sleep due to the early start.
In Montreux we will have some time to wander around the cute city in small groups and look for the statue of Freddie Mercury, or just chillax at the lake shore.

The last stop of our day will take us to the Lavaux wine yards which are part of the UNESCO world heritage. The region is one of the most beautiful places in Switzerland and definitely a must see. After (or during) some nice strolls through the incredible beautiful landscapes, you will get the chance to taste local wines. We will be back in Zürich at around 20:00.

We are looking forward to spending an adventurous day with you!

See you soon,

Your ESN Team

P.S. if you worry about the early start or the long train rides, just google “Lavaux” and I’m sure you will no longer hesitate to sign up for this trip.
And who says no to free chocolate anyways??

Max. Participants28 -> Registration is necessary.
Entrance / Fee
without ESN card: CHF 36.00
with ESN card: CHF 29.00
Entrance / Fee Comment

Please pay the price according to this table 

Prices if you have an ESN card <=25 years old
>25 years old
GA CHF 14 CHF 14
1/2 Halbtax CHF 29 please contact us after registration
1/1 CHF 29 please contact us after registration
Prices if you DON'T have an ESN card <=25 years old >25 years old
GA CHF 21 CHF 21
1/2 Halbtax CHF 36 please contact us after registration
1/1 CHF 36 please contact us after registration



Included in the price are:

- Train rides

- Specialities from Fribourg

- Entry to Maison Cailler

- Beverage/ Wine during the walk in Lavaux


Please mention explicitely in the comment in your description if you have a 1/2 fare card or GA.

If you are over 25 years old, please contact us after your registration (don't pay anything right away!). The first few >25 will be able to come with us at the "<=25 y.o." price and otherwise we will try to find the cheapest ticket for you (day pass). These day passes are however not refundable, so please only register if you are certain that you want to come.

Coordinator(s) Simona Margraf - Daniel Reichmuth 
  • We will meet at 06:10 under the big clock (google "Treffpunkt Zürich HB" if you don't know where it is). Please be on time, Swiss trains run very precisely ;)
  • The Maison Cailler (chocolate factory) only accept EU-compatible Covid-Certificates. If you have a certificate from outside EU, you need to get a Swiss Covid certificate if you want to enter the chocolate factory.
  • We wil be walking in the Lavaux region for about 2 hours. Make sure to wear appropriate clothes (according to the weather) and good shoes.
  • Lunch/Dinner is not included in the price. Please bring your own food with you, which we can eat after the chocolate factory (or whenever you are hungry ;))
  • Please only register if you're certain to come! We'd like to give everybody the possibility to experience the awesome French part of Switzerland and will thus be strict on refunding your spot.
Registration Mon 8. November 2021 - Thu 11. November 2021
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