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When Thu 14. October 2021 07:30 -
Sun 17. October 2021 22:00 
Meeting place Zürich HB
Bellwald Mountain Outdoor and Hiking Camp (4 days) 

4-day trip to mountain village Bellwald, Wallis, Thu 14.10 (early) until Sun. 17.10 (late)

We will make a 4 day trip to the beautiful mountain village Bellwald. Bellwald is located in the canton Wallis, which is worldwide known for its beautiful nature and the high mountains.

  • 3 fantastic hikes 
  • 1 excursion on the Aletsch glacier (once in a lifetime experience!)
  • Great company, delicious food and the most Swiss trip ever (we all love hiking)

If you don't have an ESN card yet:

  • Pay the reduced price and write us an email
  • After we verified your payment, you will be definitely registered
  • Buy an ESN card on Tuesday 5 October in our office 
  • ESN cards will be checked on the trip! 
  • Email us if you are an IAESTE student without enrolment at a Swiss university

More information can be found below. Looking forward to seeing you!



  • 3 days hiking in the area around Bellwald. The hikes will be around 5-6h per day, we will adapt them to the fitness level and the hiking experience of the group. If we get enough registrations we might make two groups, for beginners and advanced hikers.
  • 1 day excursion on the Aletsch glacier (biggest glacier of the alps, UNESCO World Heritage Site) with an experienced professional mountain guide. We will walk over the glacier under the instruction of the guide. The guide will instruct us how to behave on a glacier and how to walk in a rope team. They will be on our side all the time and guarantee safety. (No glacier experience or mountaineering material needed!) Depends strongly on the weather, no guarantee that this will take place. 
  • Not sure yet: 1 day fixed rope route climbing (via ferrata) at Eggishorn with professional guide instead of 1 day hiking. Must be paid extra, around 90CHF/person. If it takes place you could choose between this and the hike planned for that day. 



  • We will sleep 3 nights in the group guest house "Wilera" - not a luxury hotel (next time guys!), but a great place to explore Bellwald and have a good time!
  • 4-6 people per room 
  • Required: sleeping bag / bed sheet and blanket 
  • House cleaning on the last day - everyone needs to help



  • Food will be provided by ESN 
  • We have a ESN cook + a group of exchangies 
  • Yummy breakfast (bread, cheese, cornflakes etc), warm dinner (classic European food) and for lunch, we will provide bread, cheese and sliced cold meats in the morning so you can make a sandwich to take with you.



  • Walking 5h with a (light) backpack 
  • Proper hiking shoes! Good profile, waterproof, must go over the ankle. You can also rent them in some shops in Zürich
  • Suitable outdoor equipment like backpack, waterproof jacket, warm clothes etc.
  • Corona certificate required (will be checked!)



"There's no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes."

  • The weather in the mountains in October can vary between nice, warm fall weather and snowstorm. 
  • The camp will take place in all conditions, and we will go outside on all conditions. Certain activities such as the glacier excursion depend on the weather. 
  • We will adapt our activities according to the weather, so we will have a great time either way!
  • If you come with inappropriate equipment, we might have to exclude you from some of the activities for your own safety! Examples of inappropriate material: Sneakers instead of hiking shoes, no rain jacket when it’s raining, temperature is below 10°C and you only come with a hoodie.



  • If you have to cancel because you get Covid positive tested, we will try to refund as much as possible (around 80%, without guarantee). Proof of positive test result needed. 
  • No refund in other cases of cancellation 
Max. Participants25 -> Registration is necessary.
Entrance / Fee
without ESN card: CHF 315.00
with ESN card: CHF 295.00
Entrance / Fee Comment

If you want to profit from the ESN card price but don't have an ESN card yet:

  • Check first if you are qualified to buy an ESN card. If yes:
  • Pay the reduced price and write us an email
  • After we verified your payment, you will be definitely registered
  • Buy an ESN card on Tuesday 5 October in our office 
  • ESN cards will be checked on the trip! 
  • Email us if you are an IAESTE student without enrolment at a Swiss university

Price includes: Accomodation, food, all transportation costs, cable cars and activities

This price is only valid for students below age 26! (date of birth 18.09.1995 or later) **Updated: You can now be even a year older without additional cost. Correct: below 26, before (incorrect): below 25**

Students aged 26 or older with Halbtax might have to pay between 0CHF and 50CHF more.*

Students aged 26 or older without Halbtax have to pay between 40CHF and 90CHF more *

*This is because SBB charges different fees for group tickets for people aged 26 or older.

  • The price for the group tickets depends on the percentage of people aged 26 or older. If we go over this precentage, you'll have to pay more.
  • We will contact all students aged 26 or older after the registration has closed and will let you know if and how much you have to pay additionally.
  • For now, you can pay the specified price. Additional costs have to be paid in cash on the first day of the camp. 
Coordinator(s) Marc Studer - Yves Amberg 
Registration Mon 27. September 2021 - Mon 4. October 2021
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