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When Sun 7. March 2021 12:00 - 15:30 
Meeting place Bucheggplatz, just next to the "Kiosk"
SELF-ORGANISED: Bonfire & BBQ at Käferberg 

SELF-ORGANISED: Due to Covid, ESN can't keep up with the demand of events from your side. This event therefore will not be attended by an ESN member and you'll have to organise yourself, meaning you can just meet at the predefined place and time or adjust your plans in the Telegram group the organiser will create for you. The organiser is of course also there for any questions you might have regarding the event. However, the main idea of these events is: Take responsibility and have a great time together. :D
In order for you to make things easier, please provide your correct phone number including the correct prefix (e.g. +41 79 111 11 11 and neither +41 079 111 11 11, nor 079 111 11 11). This is especially important for foreign numbers.


*** Event ***

Dear students,

Care to spend an afternoon around a bonfire with sausage & bread? Käferberg offers lots of campfire sites, where you can start your own fire, grill your food and enjoy the afternoon with marshmellows & possibly even a guitar. You can meet at Bucheggplatz and make your way up to Käferberg, where you should find multiple fire spots.

For those who never built a fire, watch this Youtube video: . I recommend bringing old newspapers with you and also buying fire starters to make life simpler. Building a fire with wet wood is rather difficult, so check the weather beforehand and be prepared for it.

Once the fire is started, you can start putting your sausages on sticks (see image) and hold it over the fire. Typically, Swiss people would bring a "Bratwurst" or a "Cervelat" along, since those are pretty traditional sausages here. Also make sure to bring a good knife, some sort of plate and some tissues with you.
There are usually also grill grates available for you to put your stuff on. Make sure that the fire has more or less burnt down and you mostly just have embers left. ;)
By bringing aluminium foil with you, you can for example also put veggies, filled potatoes, or other things on the grill grate.

The maximum number of participants for this event is set to 5, since with more people you can't really keep the safety distance and you probably couldn't do a good BBQ anyway.

What are you waiting for? Sign up for a fun afternoon with your fellow Erasmi!


*** Corona ***

Since this event is self-organised, we'd like to remind you to follow the Covid measures of the government, namely the social distancing, the mask obligation if social distancing is not possible, as well as the limitations of people gathering at an event. Please understand that ESN decided to reduce the maximum number of people to 10 in outside spaces and 5 in indoor spaces and to make it mandatory to at least bring a mask to the events. We ask you to please respect this decision and not to bring any additional friends along which weren't signed up.

Max. Participants5 -> Registration is necessary.
Entrance / Fee
without ESN card: CHF 0.00
with ESN card: CHF 0.00
Coordinator(s) Daniel Reichmuth 
Registration Thu 4. March 2021 - Sun 7. March 2021
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