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When Sun 10. November 2019 11:45 - 17:00 
Meeting place ASVZ Hönggerberg
Address: Robert-Gnehm-Platz 1, 8093 Zürich
ESN Sports Day - abgesagt 

Dear fun people

Do you like fun games? Do you like sports?  Do you have a fun group of friends? Come together on Sunday, November 10th to our epic ESN sports day! Don’t worry, it starts at 11:45 so you can sleep in after Saturday night. The sports day takes place at ASVZ Hönggerberg. 

Join us for an afternoon of lots of unique games that you might have already played in elementary school. We will play the Swiss version of dodgeball, the elephant version of basketball, a Swedish version of baseball and some smaller fun games.



  • You need to be a member of ASVZ (only people with a student card are allowed to participate)

  • Minimum team size is 6 players, maximum 8 players. Each team must have at least two women.

  • Dress up with your team as something funny.

  • Don’t eat or drink anything other than water in the sports hall! Also very important: Bring inside sports shoes (they mustn’t leave marks on the floor!!)

  • The usual fair play rules you know from other sports also apply to this event ;)

How to register:

Each player has to register here on this page. After the registration deadline you will get the opportunity to build a team with your friends (if they are also registered). That means that you have to make sure to register all together more or less in order for everybody to get a spot at the event. You can, however, also sign up alone or with a few friends. You will, however, not be guaranteed to be all together in a team, if you’re not a whole team (we try our best though).

Obviously, you can also register just by yourself without a team. :)


We will have a small snacks&drinks bar, which will serve easy food (bananas, chocolate bars, hot dogs and such). We also understand that at events like these, everybody likes to drink one or two beers, but you won't find them at the bar.

If you bring your own beer, you are only allowed to drink them in the entrance area or outside of the sport center. It is absolutely forbidden to drink in the changing rooms and sport hall! Also, we are guests at ASVZ and would like to do this event again, so please help us by drinking responsibly and following these rules. It's going to be a Sunday afternoon after all and on top of that. ;)

Max. Participants100 -> Registration is necessary.
Entrance / Fee
without ESN card: CHF 0.00
with ESN card: CHF 0.00
Coordinator(s) Irina Gubler - Daniel Reichmuth 

Rules of the Games

Völkerball (Swiss version dodgeball)

You start with 5 people on each side of the field (volleyball lines). This is the main field, in which you can only move as long as you’re still “in” the game. In the beginning, one person from each team has to go to the area behind the opposite team’s field. We call this area “the holiday area”. Each team will get one ball and has to make three passes with the person being “on holiday” without the opposite team touching the ball. After three successful passes, either the person (or the persons later in the game) on holiday have to try and shoot the opposite team down with either one of the two dodge balls until no one from the opposite team is standing anymore.

If the first person from a team is hit and has to go on holiday, he or she will swap places with the person being on holiday; this applies only for the very first hit of your team! Afterwards you have to stay on holiday. HOWEVER, if you are more than three people on holiday, you can try to piggyback one of your mates and run through the opposite team’s field over to your side again without being touched by the opposite team. If they touch you, you have to go back on holiday, but you can try as many times as you want to, as long as there is still at least one person on holiday from your team.

The people on holiday can only shoot from behind the back line of the opposite team’s field, but can get balls from the sides of the field until the middle line. Afterwards, it’s the opposite team’s holiday area. Also: No fishing of balls! If they’re not lying on your side/field you mustn’t take them.


Brennball (Swedish version of baseball)

For this game, you have three bases (similar to baseball). You will have a rugby ball, which the throwing/running team has to either kick or throw into the field. You may throw the ball anywhere, as long as you don’t throw it behind the start/finish line. Once a person has thrown the ball into the field, he/she has to run to the bases, passing every one of them before passing the finish line, with which that person has accumulated one point for the whole team (1 run = 2 point). The bases are safe spots, where the people can stay if they see that they won’t finish a run in one go (that would be a homerun, for which you get 3 points) and can run to the next bases when the next person is throwing.

The goal of the opposite team is to get the ball as fast as possible in the ring (refer to the wonderful drawing we made). Whenever this happens, the round is over and all of the people who are still running and are not in a base, are out, meaning they have to start again from the back without getting any points.

If possible, the catching team can also try to catch the ball without it touching the ground first. This immediately finishes the round and all of the people from the opposite team have to go back to the bases where they were before that round. It also gives the catching team 1 point.

Another thing the catching team could do, is to touch the people from the throwing team with the ball, while they‘re running and not on a base. If they manage to do so, the corresponding runner is out and has to start again; it will, however not give any points to the catching team.

The catching team mustn’t block the people running. They can only try to touch them with the rugby ball!

Every team plays a certain amount of time and then they switch sides. The winning team is the team with more points at the end!


Elephant Basketball

Essentially basketball with a swiss ball (the big ball you can also sit on), but the basket being the metal rods that hold the actual basket. This means that the teams have to get the swiss ball to stay within the metal rod structure that holds the basket for a point.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!


Registration Sat 26. October 2019 - Sun 3. November 2019
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