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When Sat 21. September 2019 07:15 - 19:00 
Meeting place Group Meeting Point Main Station Zürich
Address: Zürich HB
Hiking Walensee 

Information for the participants:

On Saturday, we'll meet at 07.15 am at the Group meeting point at Zürich Main Station. Please be on time!
The weather is expected to be perfect for the hike (around 22 degrees, sunny) 
If you want to to jump into the Walensee: the water is around 16-17 degrees cold, but you would have time for it :)

Take with you:

- a jacket (it's around 12 degrees in the morning) 

- Lunch (will stop at a fireplace)

- Snacks for breakfast / "Zvieri"

- Your ESN Card, Halffare / GA, if you stated you have one of these

- Closed shoes (no hiking shoes needed!)

- Some games to play

Looking forward to seeing you!
Natasha, Stephan and Isk





Join us to a hike in the "riviera of east Switzerland"

We will meet at the main station, from where we will go to Murg with the train. There, we will get on a boat, which will bring us to Quinten - a small village known for his wine and only reachable by a boat.

Our hike starts in Quinten and leads to one of the highest waterfalls in Europe (Serenbachfälle) and ends in Weesen. In between, there are a lot of places with great views on the Walenseeregion.

The difficulty of the hike is easy to medium, no hiking shoes needed. Attention: The hike could be cancelled due to bad weather conditions - we'll inform here! If the weather is good enough, we will even have time to swim in the Walensee! :)




Kommt mit uns auf einen Hike in der "Riviera der Ostschweiz"

Wir werden uns am Hauptbahnhof in Zürich treffen und reisen mit dem Zug nach Murg. Danach bringt uns das Walensee-Schiff nach Quinten - einem kleinen Dorf bekannt für seinen Wein und nur via Seeweg erreichbar.

In Quinten wird unser Hike auch starten und führt uns zuerst zu einem der höchsten Wasserfälle Europas (Serenbachfälle) und endet in Weesen. Dazwischen gibt es hervorragende Orte für schönste Aussichten auf den Walensee.

Der Schwierigkeitsgrad des Hikes ist leicht bis mittel, Wanderschuhe sind nicht nötig. Achtung: Bei schlechtem Wetter müssen wir den Hike absagen und informieren hier. Bei gutem Wetter liegt sogar ein Bad im Walensee drin :)


Max. Participants36 -> Registration is necessary.
Entrance / Fee
without ESN card: CHF 30.00
with ESN card: CHF 20.00
Entrance / Fee Comment


Prices With ESN Card Without ESN Card
GA: 5.- 7.-
Halffare (Halbtax) or ≤25 years old 20.- 30.-
without SBB abo 40.- 50.-

All up to and including the age of 25: You automatically benefit from the half-taxp price at our Hiking Event. If you have paid too much, you will get the rest back.

What do you have to pay? 
- You have a GA and an ESN Card*: 5.- CHF
- You have a GA and no ESN Card*: 7.- CHF
- You have a Half-Fare travelcard OR are ≤25 years old, and have an ESN Card*: 20.- CHF
- You have a Half-Fare travelcard OR are ≤25 years old, and do not have an ESN Card*: 30.- CHF
- You don't have an SBB subscription AND are >25 years old and you have an ESN Card*: 40 CHF
- You do not have an SBB subscription AND are >25 years old and you don't have an ESN Card*: 50 CHF

*If you buy an ESN Card before the Hiking Event, you only have to pay the ESN Card price!

Coordinator(s) Stephan Boner - Iskender Gencay Dogan 
Registration Tue 10. September 2019 - Tue 17. September 2019
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