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When Wed 24. October 2018 16:00 -
Tue 27. November 2018 23:00 
Meeting place Max Frisch-Archiv
Address: ETH Zürich, Rämistrasse 101, 8092 Zürich
Your Ticket to Polyball! 


This event takes place over a period of 3-4 weeks.

By Registering to this event you are agreeing to work at the Polyballwerkstatt for 6 hours in a row in ONE of the 8 groups of 6-7 people that will work at the Polyballwerkstatt.

There will be 8 dates to attend this workshop: 

  • October 31st to November 2nd from 16:00 to 22:00 or

  • November 2nd to November 9th from 10:00 to 17:00 

We ask you ONLY  to  register if you are SURE you will be able to make it to the at least one of the dates and will have the TIME and DEDICATION to work hard and collaborate with the rest of the team.

Information about how to register for the groups/dates will be sent to the participants registered to this event in the following days.

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Dear exchange students

The famous Polyball takes place in the ETH main building on Saturday December 1st. It is the biggest decorated ball in Europe and a highlight of everyone involved with the ETH, with good music, great dancing and an elegant atmosphere. All you need is a date, an elegant outfit and a ticket....Ticket?

You can either buy your ticket, or (the fun alternative) you can help us paint the wall decorations and set everything up for the ball in exchange for your ticket! This opportunity will give you the chance to be creative, meet new people and have a lot of fun!

KOSTA, the association in charge or organizing the Polyball, offers ESN participants an extraordinary deal: Instead of working the mandatory 10 hours for a ticket, ESN participants will only have to work 6 hours to earn the first ticket. This deal only applies if the participant work those 6 hours in a row. (with a small lunch brake in between).

So what are you waiting for? Regjster now! We are looking forward to meeting you and having a fun time making this "A night like in a fairy tail" a reality! 



Liebe Austauschstudenten

Am Samstag den 1. Dezember findet der bekannte Polyball im Hauptgebäude der ETH statt. Es ist der am spektakulärsten dekorierter Ball von Europa, ausgestattet mit guter Musik, Dancingmoves und zauberhafte Atmosphäre. Was du brauchst ist ein elegantes Outfit und ein Ticket... Ein Ticket ergattern, Wie?

Entweder sparst du einbischen von deinem Taschengeld und kaufst dir das Ticket. Oder du gehst für die lustige Variante und hilfst uns beim Dekorieren des Ballsaals und förderst dafür deine Kreativität, triffst neue Leute, hast Spass und bereicherst dich an Tickets.

Die Organisation KOSTA, die für die Planung des Polyballs zuständig ist, bietet ESN-Teilnehmern einen ansprechenden Deal: Anstatt nach 10 Stunden, bekommst du das erste Ticket schon nach 6 Stunden dekorieren mit einer kleinen Mittagspause dazwischen.

Auf was wartest du noch? Registiere dich gleich! Wir freuen uns auf deine Teilnahme diese Nacht in ein Märchen zu verwandeln!


Max. Participants50 -> Registration is necessary.
Entrance / Fee
without ESN card: CHF 0.00
with ESN card: CHF 0.00
Coordinator(s) Gresa Vokshi - Diana Margarita Escamilla 

1. Please note that we will be working with paint and other materials, so bring clothes that you can mess up and let fun start! :)

2. After you register for the event, you will get an extra email with further information and asking for your Contact information and asking you to register for one of the dates/groups. Please fill out the File as soon as you recieve the email.

3. Please note that you need to work  6 hours in a row in order to participate and earn your first ticket. After that, If you want to earn more tickets or food vouchers,  you can come back to work whenever you want and distribute the time as you like.  

You can also earn more tickets for friends.

6h = 1 ticket
11h = 2 tickets
17h = 3 tickets
24h = 4 tickets
29h = 5 tickets
35h = 6 tickets
Registration Sat 27. October 2018 - Tue 30. October 2018
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