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When Mon 27. February 2017 17:25 - 23:30 
Meeting place Zürich HB
Carneval Lucerne 

While in Switzerland in winter time, you should definitely not miss the Carneval Season called “Fasnacht” ! If you think the Swiss are timid and strict, you should check out this street festival

Although it is possible to dress normally, we advise you to wear any kind of costume when going to Lucerne Carneval ! It's much more fun trust me.. Be creative and dress in a strange or funny way or paint your face. If you need a simple cheap solution, e-mail me shortly. For visitors the carnival is mostly about having a good time, getting out of your comfort zone and meeting strangers, dancing in the streets and enjoying the atmosphere. If you get into the mood, there is another chance on Tuesday evening for carneval.

Mostly the party is out in the streets (dress accordingly) and between you may warm up in one of the indoor places.

Strange characters with fantastic masks and costumes parade along the narrow streets while groups of carnival musicians (“Guggenmusigen”) blow their instruments in joyful cacophony and thousands of bizarrely clad people dance away the spirits of winter.

You are responsible for your own train ticket to Lucerne! Please buy your ticket before the meeting time.



Wenn du im Winter in der Schweiz bist, darfst du die Fasnacht-Saison nicht verpassen! In Luzern findet eine der schönsten und schrägsten statt! Wir empfehlen dir ein Kostüm zu tragen um dich bestens anzupassen.

Skurrile Gestalten mit phantasievollen Masken und Kostümen ziehen durch die Gassen, Guggenmusigen blasen den schrägen Marsch und tausende von bizarr gekleideten Menschen tanzen und machen dem Winter den Garaus.

Max. Participants100 -> Registration is necessary.
Entrance / Fee
without ESN card: CHF 0.00
with ESN card: CHF 0.00
Coordinator(s) Yves Amberg 

You are responsible for your own train ticket to Lucerne! You should have some pocket money for drinks or snacks.

We will meet 17.25 at the train track for Lucerne (track 10 - train leaves 17.35) in the beginning, you are free to stay as long as you want but the last one leaves 23.35

Registration Wed 21. September 2016 - Sun 26. February 2017
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